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It all started with a basic idea of delivering purity and freshness to the customers. Back then, we used to get fresh milk from our family cow which used to graze on green grass in our backyard. She was always taken good care of, being treated like a family member. But nowadays, quite often the only purpose to raise a cow is to produce more and more milk.  To this end, cows are fed with whatever fills the their tummy fast and are injected with hormones to increase their yield and make them profitable.

Advances in technology have extended the life of milk, allowing current multi-layered supply chains to hold the milk for approximately 72 Hrs. before it reach its consumers. While this allows milk to reach almost every household, the extra processes that it is put through take away from the natural essence of milk.

We are a bunch of graduates who aim to bring milk in its purest form directly to your doorstep. FarmDirect24, ensures that the milk is un-adulterated, chemical free and only pasteurized to kill harmful bacteria. We have our self designed supply chain that ensures milk reaches you within 24 Hrs of milking each and every day to your doors before you are out of your bed.